Cloudnet has implemented an anti-spam and anti-virus system to protect incoming email. The system consists of an Email Firewall that scans incoming email.

The firewall examines each message as it arrives, preventing confirmed spam and virus carrying messages from reaching your inbox, based on settings that can be customized by each individual user.

The firewall evaluates incoming messages and applies a series of tests to classify each message according to its likelihood of being spam or carrying a virus. Below are options in your email anti-spam settings:


Messages that are clearly spam or virus-bearing are discarded before you see them.


Messages that have objectionable content, attachments that might contain viruses, or which match known spam content are marked as [QUAR]. You have the option of having these suspicious messages held on the server for your review.


Messages that have some of the characteristics of spam but which may be legitimate are marked as [SPAM] so that you can make a decision about how to handle them. Messages from organizations, businesses, and mailing lists often fall into this category.


Messages that are not clearly spam or virus-bearing are delivered directly to your inbox.


In addition to our standard email security, Cloudnet can provide an anti-spam and anti-virus solution that will eliminate dangerous mail from entering your inbox. Contact us for more information and pricing.
Call us at (320) 240-8243 or use the Chat Below for more information!
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